The BPI Approval Process & Test Requirements

BPI certification is a third party process using independent labs and an accredited technical reviewer to determine whether materials and products meet the ASTM standards for compostability.  The basic steps and costs are outlined below, and a more detailed set of requirements can be found in BPI's Certification Scheme.

 If you have questions about what tests to complete, we can help you determine this based on your formulation and what you plan to market as compostable. Once your test results have been determined to meet our requirements,  your company will be eligible to license BPI’s Compostable Logo to indicate that your products or packaging are certified.

Steps and Costs in the BPI Approval Process

  • Approved Test Lab Results: Applicant obtains ASTM test results on product from an approved lab. Labs set their own fees and bill the applicant directly. 

  • Application and CDA: BPI and applicant enter into a CDA. Applicant provides product description including resins or ingredients used, pigments, maximum thicknesses and tradename for product to be sold.  Application can be found here

  • Independent Review of Test Results:  Once applicant has submitted all test results and forms to BPI, they will be transmitted to DIN CERTCO along with a product sample for Technical Review.  New certification reviews cost $1,500 (valid for 3 years), re-certifications cost $1,000. 

  • BPI License Agreement: After successful review of test results, applicant enters into licensing agreement granting them right to use the Compostable Logo and other BPI trademarks. Annual licensing and membership fees are $3,000 per company, with a $500 discount given to members of the US Composting Council. 

  • Review of Marketing Materials & Claims: Applicant prepares sample artwork of packaging, web pages, brochures & advertising using the compostable logo. BPI will periodically test and inspect products in the market for compliance.

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