Compostable Products Planning Guide

Every product certified by the BPI will compost completely and safely in a professionally managed composting facility. However, not every product or package should be composted. 

  • If only part of the item is compostable, would need to be disassembled, consideration is needed for appropriate labeling, and likelihood that a consumer will actually do the sorting

  • If the item is a redesign of something readily recyclable, consumers might still place it in the recycling bin (i.e., it’s not getting composted, and recyclers may worry about contamination)

  • If the item doesn’t help divert desirable feedstockslike food scraps and yard trimmings, composters might not want it, and municipalities may suggest that consumers place it in the trash

To help you decide if your product is a good candidate for compostability, take a moment to complete the BPI's Compostable Products Decision Tree.

Click on the link for a downloadable (PDF) chart: BPI Cert Decision Tree v1.pdf

If you have additional questions about composting or certification, send an email to

Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc. |  888 8th Ave #141, New York, NY 10019  (mailing address only) |  1-888-BPI-LOGO

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