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Initial Paperwork

The following forms are required for all sublicenses:

  • BPI Sublicense Request Form (Filled out with information on licensee, sublicensee, and products)
  • BPI Sublicense Product Worksheet (Both companies need to fill in their information on the same spreadsheet, with the licensee listing their certificate number, brands, SKUs, product names/titles, and product colors in the YELLOW manufacturer side, and the sublicensee listing their associated brands, SKUs, product names/titles, and product colors in the GREEN sublicensee side.)

For sublicensees who are not BPI members, the following must be submitted:   

If the sublicensee is a current Reseller, then only the BPI Sublicense Product Worksheet is required.

If the sublicensee is interested in becoming a member, then they’ll need to submit the following forms in addition to the BPI Sublicense Product Worksheet:

Complete and signed paperwork should be submitted to the licensee’s Project Manager.  If the licensee hasn’t been assigned a Product Manager yet, then paperwork can be submitted to certification@bpiworld.org.  After submission, the licensee will be assigned to a Project Manager at BPI who will work with them and the sublicensee through the process.

    The BPI Sublicensing Process

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