BPI helps keep food scraps, yard trimmings, and the compostable packaging associated with them out of landfills by creating and maintaining composter confidence in the BPI-Certified products they choose to accept.


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BPI Certification

For over 20 years, the BPI Certification Mark has been the defining symbol of compostability for audiences across the value chain. The BPI Certification program is a third-party verification of ASTM standards for compostable products in North America, and the starting point for every company wishing to make compostability claims on products and packaging.

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BPI offers different membership categories to companies and organizations with a sincere interest in promoting the use of compostable products and materials throughout the world. There are multiple options for companies certifying products with BPI, as well as opportunities for companies not yet certifying or working in another sector of the organics diversion movement.

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While certification is the natural starting point for what BPI does, it is far from the end point. With broader composter acceptance of BPI-Certified items and higher overall diversion from landfill rates as the goals, BPI’s Advocacy work is a crucial complement to the verification of standards that happens on the certification side of the organization.

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Biodegradable vs Compostable

The term “biodegradable” is accurate when used in technical contexts, but is highly problematic and even illegal to use in sales and marketing language for single-use products, including those certified and marketed as “compostable”.

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