As outlined in Section 8 of BPI's Commercial Compostability Certification Scheme, BPI certificate holders are required to notify BPI of all alterations to the manufactured item without delay. BPI will decide the extent to which testing must be performed and whether the change is significant. The respective test report(s) shall be sent to BPI by the approved testing laboratory.

The type and scope of supplementary testing will be determined by BPI in individual cases in coordination with BPI’s Technical Reviewer. This is for small changes, such as adding printing inks to a previously unprinted item, changing a resin grade or supplier for PLA or PBAT, or adding a new manufacturing site for certified products.

The modification of an existing certificate does not extend that certificate’s expiration date. A modification submitted within one year of the certificate’s expiration date will be processed as a recertification that will extend the certificate’s validity period for three years from the date of expiration. For more information on the recertification process, including costs, visit the Recertification page.

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To apply for a modification, a company must submit:

  • BPI Application - with Modification checked as the Application Type and the original certificate number noted

Fees and Invoicing

A $500 USD fee will be invoiced after the complete application and supporting documents are received.


The type and scope of supplementary testing required for a modification will be determined by BPI and BPI’s technical reviewer. Based upon the information provided, BPI and BPI's technical reviewer will determine if the requested changes qualify for a modification or require a full New Certification (in which case the expiration date would be extended, and additional fees assessed).

Modification Complete

When the modification process is complete a BPI Project Manager will send the following items to the BPI Member:

  • Final Review Summary: This document confirms the final formulation and specifications that are BPI certified.
  • BPI Certificate: This document is the best way to provide customers and other interested parties with evidence of BPI Certification. Please note that the PDF certificate is the official BPI Certificate; no paper copies will be provided to BPI Members, but the PDF can be printed by the applicant, if a physical copy is desired.
  • Link to the BPI Member Company’s Product Catalog Listing on the BPI Website: BPI-certified products are listed in a searchable catalog on BPI’s website. This catalog allows the public to search for and verify BPI-certified products. Product listings are populated with the information from the product worksheet and also appear on the BPI Certificate.
  • Sublicensing Options: Members planning to private label BPI-certified products to their customers can begin the sublicensing process. For information on sublicensing, please visit the Sublicense page or contact your BPI Project Manager.