Fluorinated Chemicals

The BPI Certification Scheme states that organic fluorinated chemicals, such as per- and polyfluorinated substances (PFAS), cannot be present in formulas for BPI Certified items. BPI's rules for fluorinated chemicals require:

  1. Safety data sheets for all ingredients showing that the product formula does not contain fluorinated chemicals.
  2. Test results from a BPI-Approved lab showing a maximum of 100ppm total organic fluorine.
  3. A statement of no intentionally added fluorinated chemicals, signed by the manufacturer.

BPI's standard for fluorinated chemicals went into effect on January 1, 2020. Products may no longer be claimed as BPI-Certified, whether on the product itself, or on a product's packaging or marketing materials, unless they meet all conditions of the rule, including no intentionally added fluorinated chemicals (as demonstrated in Safety Data Sheets) and a test report showing less than 100 ppm total organic fluorine.

These rules were announced at the end of 2017. All BPI member companies were notified to reduce upstream and downstream inventory of non-compliant products, packaging, and marketing materials to comply with the December 31, 2019 deadline.

It is essential for composters, municipalities, BPI, and others to have the ability to easily identify products that meet the new standard. BPI's product database lists products at the SKU level, and it is the definitive listing of compliant products. All products that have not been verified to meet the new standard have been removed from the BPI certified product database effective 12/31/19.

BPI continues to engage with composters, state regulators and others on the topic of fluorinated chemicals in compostable products, and is available as a resource on this topic.

If you have any questions about fluorinated chemicals or about this policy, please send us an email here.