BPI Roadmap

In 2021, BPI and BioCycle Magazine hosted a series of multi-stakeholder conversations with Composters & Haulers, Municipalities, Foodservice Operators & Brands, and Compostable Product & Material Manufacturers. (Full workshop report available here The stated goals were to:

  1. Identify and confirm the top barriers to the acceptance and successful processing of certified compostable products.
  2. Build consensus for a single set of acceptability criteria so that compostable products can be accepted and successfully processed by a broader set of composters processing food scraps.

The graphic above shows the primary outputs of the project – barriers, future state definitions, and initial projects designed to address the barriers and bring us closer to the future state.

BPI and its partners are actively engaged on continuing to address the barriers through the projects listed above, as well as other projects that have emerged since this roadmap was created.

Please review the other pages in the Advocacy section of the site to learn more about the barriers and BPI’s ongoing work to resolve them.