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    Commentary: Compostable Products Have A Role

    The reason that “Recycle” is one of the 3 R’s is that single-use packaging cannot be eliminated overnight. Recycling can be part of the broader solution, so long as we are actually keeping the material out of landfills and the environment, and getting it authentically recycled or composted. BioCycle December 2019

    Value Of Compostable Packaging As “Feedstock”

    Field trials at two composting facilities evaluated compostable foodservice packaging as a composting feedstock.

    Compostable ‘bioplastics’ make inroads with consumers

    Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics — especially single-use items like bags, straws and picnic tableware — many supermarkets and vendors are offering an array of compostable alternatives made from plant fibers or starches...

    Commentary: Zero Waste Requires Visionary Thinking

    Innovation may occasionally start by accident, but it requires foresight and dedication to bring that spark to fruition. The Zero Waste movement is an example of this — a vision of reality where resources aren’t being squandered in landfills and incinerators — which takes not just one but a series of steps to accomplish large-scale change. Specific to food waste...

    Letter to the editor: Starbucks food packaging goal also about food waste

    Rhodes Yepsen, executive director of the Biodegradable Products Institute, says a broader materials management discussion is key to understanding the shift toward new waste reduction targets.

    Commentary: Can Scalable Organics Diversion Happen?

    Letter To The Editor: Can Scalable Organics Diversion Happen? Executive Director, Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc.

    Labeling Guidelines For Compostable Products And Packaging

    BPI released a set of labeling and identification guidelines designed to support organics diversion and reduce contamination for composters.

    New guidelines aim to address labeling confusion for compostable packaging

    The Biodegradable Products Institute will offer manufacturers input on labeling and identification strategies — addressing a long-running problem for organics diversion and an uptick in legislative attention.